'Round and 'Round

Posted on: February 13th, 2008 by carolyn

“Round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows!”

When people create a blog, they want people to read it. One way to entice people to subscribe to your blog is to have a contest. How you usually get entries is by: 1) subscribing to their RSS feed, 2) posting a blog entry about their contest on your blog, and then 3) go back to their blog, posting a comment linking back to your blog as proof of entry. Got all that?!

Marketing Pilgrim is holding such a contest. You can win an iPod Touch.

Blog contests and sweepstakes are the fastest growing subset of the online method of entry. I have yet to win a prize from one of these promotions, but I have just started. What do you think about blog contests vs. other methods of entry (in-person, phone-in, mail-in, form-based online sweepstakes, text messaging)? Have you won a prize from a blog contest?

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3 thoughts on “'Round and 'Round

  1. kate5405 says:

    For me, blog contests are just another way of entering contests. I do snails, texts, onlines, and drop boxes. I have not won a blog contest yet, but have a friend who has won several. I’ll keep trying.

  2. Hollie says:

    I have won 4 blog contests and hosted two call me lucky!

  3. WendyWings says:

    I won a blog makeover- quite sometime ago now.
    I run a game called the casting call but it is not really a contest just a good way to get readers and comments ( for everyone concerned lol)

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