The day after the Michigan Wolverines Sweepstakes Club Annual Spring Meeting I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to Payne OH and meet with The Affadaisies again.  Since I had not seen them in so long, I thought it may be fun to take our afternoon chat over tea and turn it into a radio show.  The Affadaisies are such grand dames of contesting, that I wanted to share every golden nugget of the walk down contest memory lane with them.

It was a three-hour drive from Warren MI to Payne OH.  The construction on the highway turned me around a wee bit and I was late arriving for lunch.  Around the table was me, Alice Bruns, Maureen Kennerk, Roy and Dortha Schaefer.  It was so wonderful to see everyone and catch-up over sandwiches, salad, and lemonade.

The Affadaisies 2010

After lunch, we recorded the radio show.  (You can listen to the show here.)  Halfway through, Dortha’s son Roy Jr. and their daughter-in-law Mary came for a visit.  I met them previously, so it was nice to see them again.  Mary joined us for the second half of the show and Roy sat in the living room with his dad.

When The Affadaisies get together, they play word games.  Similar in style to the contests they used to enter.  It keeps their minds sharp. We had three challenges: 1) was to “Name The Jay Leno Rooster”, 2) was to finish the sentence “The Contest Queen is here for the day…” and the 3) was to guess how many Hersey Kisses were in the sandwich bag.  (I know #3 isn’t a word contest.  It was just for fun.)

Here are some examples of the submissions for contest #1: Knock-Knock A Doodle Doo, Comic’s Comb, Kernel Coop, Lay Heno (my sad contribution!) and the winner Feather Fluster.

Here are some examples of the submissions for contest #2: …we’d keep her but Canada says “no way”!…to share a short visit then she’s on her way., …she got here late as she lost her way. (Did you guess that was mine?)

Each lady brought a prize to give away.  Little things from the dollar store like a pencil case or notebook.  In the end, they all gave them to me to take home for Nicole.

After everyone had left, Dortha didn’t want me to rush off so fast, so we talked until dinner time, and I stayed for that too.  Eventually had to leave as I still had a three-hour drive back.  I promised to visit again soon.

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