Reality TV is a bit of a misnomer as what happened isn’t exactly what they aired. The big prize they showed me winning on the TLC TV pilot, High Stakes Sweepers was a baby shower. (I guess the producers didn’t feel concert tickets and CD I won from a local radio station warranted air time.)

As I stated in the show, I only enter for prizes I want to win or for something I know someone I love would enjoy.  As my sister-in-law Angela was pregnant, I began to watch for any sweeps with baby-related prizes. The Hydrasense Dolphin Club was giving away 50 baby showers! Of course, I had to enter. I told my sister and mom about it so they could also enter.

On May 25th, I got a call from Kevin at Vibrant Marketing. He said I was the lucky recipient of one of the baby showers. I think the poor man went deaf as I screamed so loud. He even had to wait for me to calm down before he could perform the STQ (Skill Testing Question).

Immediately after I hung up with Kevin, I rang Angela and told her of our good fortune.  Since three other baby showers were already planned, we decided to piggyback the free shower along with one of the others rather than having a fourth. I got in touch with the hostess and made all the arrangements. We were set for Sunday, June 12th. What the prize included was: balloons, cupcakes, shower games, prizes, and a massive basket for the mom-to-be along with two Dolphin Club Ambassadors to coordinate the event.

My mom, my daughter, and I arrived a bit late as major construction got us turned around. The Don’t Say The Word Baby game was already underway when we arrived. The Ambassadors did a great job running all the games and discussing the sponsor’s products.

I was worried the guests wouldn’t have a good time because they were mixing their marketing messages with the games. I had nothing to fear as everyone had a great time.  They loved all the prizes. They thought the basket Angela got was fabulous. I even saw many of the mothers sign-up for The Dolphin Club on the iPad that was passed around.

In the end, we all had cupcakes – YUMMY! – and got a big pink or blue bag full of samples and coupons.

A month later, my new niece Kinsley was born.

Better than a win!