Last January, I spoke about what big changes occurred in my life in 2010. So, what happened this year, in 2011? Since I broke out my life changes into three categories: love, wealth, and health, I’ll do the same again today. However, I will change the order as it makes more sense for the flow of information regarding what happened this year.

Wealth: The bankruptcy was finally finished last month. We should get the discharge papers from the government within the next 12 months.

My job search was very long and arduous as I began my search at the beginning of the recession, combined with a very powerful yet niche resume. I was hired by an insurance firm in March to be their Social Media Manager, but after seven weeks of watching others’ work, they let me go apologizing they were not ready to be so public or connected. In June, I was hired by Global Financial as their Marketing Assistant and Social Media Manager. I am filing in for their current Marketing Assistant, who is on maternity leave, along with expanding their Internet reach. Their social media plan is slow going as there are many other aspects that need to be upgraded first, such as all the Global websites.  Plus, I am on contract, and due to the length of my original search (20 months), I will begin applying for marketing roles again in January.

I had an exciting year as the Contest Queen. My webmaster and I moved and redesigned the website.  I like it far more than the old one (there are bits and pieces still not finished, so keep checking back for updates). I was part of the premier of a new TLC show called; High Stakes Sweepers, which sadly did not get picked up as a series. As things settle down in 2012, I would like to get back to sharing tips, tricks, contests, sweepstakes, rants, and ideas on my blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Be sure to follow me so you don’t miss a single adventurous moment. I become the official Contest Queen for All Day Giveaways. I hope to be increasing my relationship with ADG in 2012 and become more active with them/on various social media outlets. I am continuing to sell off my entire inventory at 50% off as I do not plan to sell products in the future. If you see something you like, buy it, as many items in the store only have one left in inventory.

Due to being so busy dealing with, what equates to two full-time jobs along with all the other aspects of my life that are changing in such a drastic way, something had to give. I have not contested in 21 weeks. WOW! Amazingly enough, I have had no withdrawal symptoms. The beauty of our hobby is there is always something to enter, and when I am ready, it will be there.

Love: The bankruptcy trustee recommended we do not file for divorce within the same calendar year as the end of the bankruptcy as it could affect our income taxes for that fiscal year. Therefore, in January, we will officially be filing for separation and divorce. I am not sure how long the legal process will take; however, I am confident I will be moving into a new home before the spring.

Health: I continued the vitamin regimen adjusting it according to my improved health. When funds ran out altogether in late 2010, I stopped going to the yoga studio. As my heart wasn’t in a home practice, I stopped exercising altogether. Months and months went by. I now want to begin a daily home aerobic and yoga regimen; however, due to stress, my sleep patterns aren’t stable, and I find myself too tired, too many days to be bouncing around the basement. Once my sleep pattern becomes regular again, it will be easy to add in a daily exercise routine.

More importantly, my daughter’s health changed.  Earlier this year, I noticed a curve in her spine. Last month she was diagnosed with scoliosis. This month she was cast for a brace. Next month we will pick it up and begin the weaning-on process. By February, she will be wearing it 24/7, with the exception of sports and bathing. She will go back to the hospital every six months for a check-up and fitting. They expect her to wear it for five years. She is fine with the whole process, and as she says, “Only mom is freaked out!” I can’t help it; I’m a mom.  That’s my job.

With so many changes over the past 24 months, I wonder what 2012 will hold?!