Win an iPad Air!

Posted on: January 7th, 2014 by carolyn

There is nothing like kicking off 2014 with a contest!


Real Family Trips is holding a contest to find the family with the best family holiday itinerary.  They specialize in offering travel advice from families just like yours.  Advice from an agent or brochure is OK, but there is nothing like hearing about a city or destination from another family that has been where you want to go.  Now they want to hear from YOU!

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 10.15.55 PM

Share your family vacation for your chance to win an iPad Air!  Now, do not be intimidated.  Although it is a judged contest, they are not judging your family.  So if you travelled alone, but had an amazing adventure you want to share, enter.  If you have 6 kids and travelled with your sister who also has 6 kids, enter.  It’s just you and your hubby or wife, enter.  Get creative, select your best pictures and share your favourite places, best travel tips and amazing adventures.

You know what my amazing adventure was in 2013? My #CQTour! (Yes, I promise to finish blogging the trip soon!)  What was yours??  (You can actually enter any family vacation, but maybe something current rather than the road trip you took to California in the Oldsmobile in 1976 would have a better chance of winning.)


SHORT RULES: Open to the U.S.  Ends January 31st 2014.  It is judged so read the FULL RULES for submission criteria.  Up to 25 itineraries submitted per person.


3 thoughts on “Win an iPad Air!

  1. Thanks for the contest

  2. Muonie Pickens says:

    I would really love this iPad air because my phone is messed up and my mom doesn’t want to get another one so please thank you

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