Sweeping Boston 2015Another day that did not start as early. I was able to get up at 7:00am and make it to the buffet breakfast for 8:00am.

The Vendor Room was open from 9:00am-11:00am giving attendees one last chance to buy raffle tickets before all the winners were drawn before the banquet.

I took the opportunity to register for next years convention and be in to win a free registration. I have never registered this early in 10 years! (And no, I didn’t win my registration fee back.)

NOTE: If you decide to attend, make sure you book before November 15th to get the best registration rate. So far 135 people have registered on the website and 166 registered at the convention. It will be the biggest convention yet! I know of dozens of Canadians that want to attend and 1 Brit!

At 11:00am the afternoon banquet began. We started with a lovely buffet lunch.

The Convention Banquet

To ensure no one was left out, we each received a playing card  in our welcome packages. They randomly began to draw cards from a deck and if you had that card, you won a prize. Each round had 9 or 10 winners until all 520 of us got a prize. There were computers, Kindles, iPads, Vera Bradley bags, ornaments, mugs, etc. I won an ornament.

Then all the vendors gave out all their prizes.

20150905_120935 2  20150905_132914 2
My Udderly Smooth Gift Basket Winner  My Taste of Canada Gift Basket Winner

My losing streak contained for another year as I have yet to win a big prize at a national convention. (I have attended all but one since 2005.) I have gotten close at regional and once at a getaway. Maybe next year is my year??

As we were done at 4:00pm, I took the opportunity to tidy our hotel room. Once done I cornered Walt for an interview. (It was easy as he hurt his knee and couldn’t move!) Stay tuned for his 5 Top Tips for Entering Video Contests in my upcoming book.

I then met up with my roommate Wendy and a couple of other sweeping buddies. We wound up at the Pour House. Fantastic food. Of course, my eyes were bigger than my head and I ordered too much but it was sooo good.

My intent was to blog again before bed but I was so tired, the balance of my blog posts waited until I returned home exhausted and exhilarated.

Go to my Facebook page to see the 26th Annual National Sweepstakes Convention photo album. If you have any pictures you would like to contribute, please email them to me.

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