Vishen, Melissa and Mike with Helene HadsellFor some reason, I have been thinking of Helene Hadsell this past week. She was called a Contest Queen because she won every contest she ever entered, including a fully furnished house. To win all those prizes Helene used a program called SPEC.

Helene didn’t keep this knowledge for herself. She wrote several books and held classes teaching others how to manifest whatever they wanted in their lives. (Helene’s blueprints are obviously no longer available as she passed away in 2010, I recommend you contact Gregory Scott for a consultation instead.)

I was lucky enough to spend a four day weekend with her in November of 2008.

She also wrote these articles and asked me to share them with my friends:

Helene filmed a series with Mindvalley for Finerminds. Here is some of what they recorded:

Have you ever used Helene’s SPEC method?