RafflecopterThe ‘problem’ with Rafflecopter isn’t the app, but the user. Call it, operator error.

Annemarie commented on Play Nice!: While I can understand the need for a program such as Rafflecopter to deter spamming, I find that its tedious and time consuming. One contest I entered seemed to take forever to get each step done after 10 minutes, I ended up deciding not to complete all the steps. If I see a contest using Rafflecopter now, sometimes I don’t even bother. If they automated it so you could sign on with them and it auto-entered you it would be much better IMO.

I agree with her. I do not enter blog contest with more than 10 options and many times I don’t even enter all of those. That isn’t Rafflecopter’s fault. The blame lays squarely on the blogger, or bloggers when they band together to co-host a giveaway, who decided to implement too many entry options. Even Rafflecopter recommends fewer options in their Field Manual (7 Important Giveaway Participation Topics & How Many Giveaway Options Should You Use?)

If you have a problem with a blogger’s contest, tell them so. Give them critique, not criticism, so they may improve their promotions in the future and point them to Rafflecopter’s free online resources.

How many entry options do you like?

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