078Having slept in as long as I could, I got to the Friday Morning Session and realized I had forgotten my phone. No pictures. No text contests.

Each session had a lovely pattern: prize, speaker, more prizes.

The first speaker was Sheila Cohen. Her topic was RoboForm. I didn’t write down any of her tips as I have had a long standing relationship with RoboForm. If you want to learn more about all the features RoboForm has to offer, check out all their FREE TUTORIALS.

If you have yet to purchase RoboForm, friends of the Contest Queen get 60% OFF their first year’s subscription. You can also listen to a free podcast I had with them in 2009.

Having had way too much fun the night before, there is only one way to do shots the day after. Head off to Jamba Juice! Double shot of ginger and lemon, a double shot of wheatgrass and a large Great Greens. Far better than Hair of the Dog.

When I turned around I found a treat, Garrett Popcorn! If you have never eaten Garrett Popcorn, it is the best Chicago Style I have ever eaten.

Best lunch break ever!

convention sessionsBack at the convention and feeling like myself again, I found myself chatting with sweeping buddies. Upon the last call for session draw tickets, I stopped mid-sentence and ran to the front so I could be in to win.

This sessions speaker was Jason Block. A game show guru. He spoke about an alternative way to win money, going on game shows. As he has won hundreds of thousands of dollars, he certainly is an expert.

His 5 TOP TIPS were:

  1. Know the show you want to go on.  Follow your strengths. If you are good with trivia, try Jeopardy. If you are good with letter patterns, try Wheel of Fortune.
  2. Be yourself, but louder.  The television shows love energy. The game shows are fun. They want that to come across to the home viewer.
  3. Be yourself, but be unique.  The shows love people with interesting backgrounds or stories. Be prepared to tell it.
  4. Practice, practice, practice. Watch the show of your choice every day like a contestant and play along as if you were on the show.
  5. Social media is your friend.  Follow the social channels of your favourite shows as there are many opportunities to get on the show and win.

He also recommended the book Winning Secrets by The Game Show Guru, Scott Hostetler.

You can read more about Jason, and see one of his videos, in the post Meet The Compers by Super Lucky Di.

Dinner With The Contest Queen

Steve, Michelle & Carolyn @ SteakMichelle was my lucky winner and after checking out all of our options, we settled on going to Gordon Ramsey Steak in the Paris Hotel. As Michelle came to the convention with her husband Steve, he joined us for dinner.

The experience starts as you walk through ‘The Chunnel’ going from Paris to London. We were lucky enough to be seated early, and upstairs away from the noise, in a huge booth.

We ordered a bottle of wine and salads to start. After looking over the menu we all ordered the Beef Wellington, as it’s the specialty of the restaurant. As the dinner drew to a close we didn’t want it to end so, we ordered tea and a Sticky Toffee Pudding to share.

WOW! is the only way to describe the food. The ambience and the decor run a close second.

I have not been out for a dining experience like that since 2008. Las Vegas is a great place to go if you are a ‘foodie’.

No winning tips to share from our dinner as we mostly discussed our favourite wins, how we each approach the hobbies and our life in general. Great conversation. I love making new friends.

Stay tuned for my next opportunity to win Dinner With The Contest Queen in Toronto.

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