After almost a week of late nights, and far too much fun, I got a great night’s sleep.

Tom CavalliThe Saturday Morning Session speaker was Tom Cavalli of IWINCONTESTS. He spoke about how to parlay a win off a win and alternate methods of entering. He told of how he won several trips in 2015. Most were sports related.

More obstacles to entry the better. He won a judged photo contest for a regional (state) giveaway.

While at that event he took photos with the sponsors product and won again.

Look for low odds sweepstakes. He discovered one where you could tweet twice per day. One with a reply and one with a product photo.

Find your passion. Enter promotions requiring a video or essay why you are a fan.

Find the free on paid sites. Register for Draftkings and find their sweepstakes.

Follow sponsors that host giveaways. Share-a-Coke sweepstakes are popular and repeat contest promotions.

Google is your friend. Google what you need to know. He won a rib eating contest Googling ‘how to eat ribs fast’ before the competition.

Sweepers like it easy. As the hobby changes you must start putting an effort into it to win.

Carolyn, High Roller Tom & TomCheck out Win with High Roller Tom for your chance to win a 1-year subscription to IWINCONTESTS!

In the Saturday Afternoon session Steve d’Aldolf spoke of creating winning strategies. A few of his top tips were:

  • Use Handcent, a texting program to make SMS giveaways easier to enter, even via wifi.
  • Make your tweets stand out with emojis.
  • Check out aggregators for following your Twitter feed more easily. (I personally like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck.)
  • Use Touch/ReTouch to alter entry images.
  • Use Quickly to be alerted to specific notifications.
  • Use Life Reminders to remind yourself when to listen to the radio or to mail-in a sweepstakes.

016After a wee pool break we got ready for the banquet. There was a lovely buffet with something for everyone. (Except I think High Roller Tom had a wee bit too much to drink, LOL!)

Lots of prizes were given out as both session prizes and upgrades. As I didn’t buy any upgrades I left when they gave away the big cash. (It’s suppose to be a car, but instead they gave away three prizes of $15,000 each.)

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