First, let me define big. In my mind, big equals:

  • cash more than $5000.
  • a trip that requires a plane.
  • a vehicle such as a motorcycle, boat, truck, or car.

This week I was notified I was a winner in the Sun, Fun & Fruité Contest. They were giving away three trips for four to Universal Studios Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Sun, Fun & Fruité Contest

I was home alone when I saw the email on my phone. Then I went to double-check on my computer. The screaming and dancing around began. As soon as I calmed down a bit, I called my boyfriend, George. After I told him, he asked if I was sure. I said, “Would I call you screaming if I wasn’t sure?!” Even though he has seen us win a heap of small prizes, it’s hard to wrap your head around winning a ‘biggie,’ especially if you have never experienced it.

So how long would you wait to win big?

I have not won a big prize in my name since I won a trip to London in 2008. (You can read about the entire crazy adventure I had starting with: You Can Have Whatever You Desire and then clicking on NEXT for the next twist.)

That is ten years.

I am a very patient and persistent person.

Why have I not won a big prize in 10 years?

I believe there are several reasons.

  1. It is harder to win big prizes consistently in Canada than it is in the United States. (This wasn’t always the case, but the hobby has shifted as marketing budgets have been distributed over more giveaways with smaller prizing.)
  2. I have not been entering as consistently as I would like due to time commitments and/or a lack of motivation.
  3. As I was going through a long divorce, my vibration spiraled downward; therefore, I was not attracted to bigger prizes.

Michael Losier created two great videos describing the process in point number three:

Although I feel I have tackled the third issue, I have no plans to move to the United States, and I still have the time commitment issue as life doesn’t seem to slow down. (Visit Stan’s Contracting Services to see what big project is happening at our house.)

After the agency received my paperwork and confirmed I was, in fact, a winner, I wanted to share the good news. I hosted a Facebook Live “FINALLY !!! + an UN-unboxing + how to avoid Holiday Credit Card Hangover”. You can also watch it on YouTube.

What is the longest you have ever gone between big prizes?