In 2011 I began a tradition of sharing a personal blog on the first day of the year. I share my personal and business goals, stumbles, shifts, and dreams. This year is no different.

I set some ambitious goals for myself last year. Why set goals at all if the ones you create don’t stretch you in one way or another? (Remember, goals should be SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timed.)

I wanted to sell 5000 copies of How To Win Cash, Cars, Trips & More!, have SweepsCon sell out, paint my office and focus more on videos, plus get back on track with my blogging, contesting, and workouts.

Not sure what happened, but I only met one goal. Some was in my control, and some wasn’t.

Part of it had to do with losing my biggest client at the beginning of the year. Part of it had to do with the convention being sabotaged. Part had to do with my love life being in flux.

2017 was a frustrating year for me because it felt that no matter what I did, it didn’t matter. It’s why I only met one goal. I had complete control over it. I took a week in September to paint my office and started filming more videos.

Thankfully, the year ended on a much better note. Creating more videos helped get my blogging back on track. My favorite client rehired me. After taking a break from dating, I met someone wonderful. All of this gives me hope that 2018 to be a much better year.

I almost don’t want to set goals for 2018 as I have a gut feeling my life is going to look much different than I can imagine. I believe business opportunities will arise I can’t fore see. If romance blossoms the way I hope, my family life will shift. I have learned life has a way of surprising you and taking you in new and unpredictable directions

So what will I be focusing on that I do have control over?

  • Finally launching my Idea Majesty website.
  • Regularly producing content for Contest Queen, Maximize Social Business, CFA Promo, and Robert Ohotto.
  • Create more online workshops, not just sweepstakes based.
  • Get healthy, fit, and strong.
  • Contest on a regular basis!!

What is going to make your 2018 a winning year?

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I know many of you like to track your wins. Here is the link to my annual Track Your Wins spreadsheet. Scroll down to download your FREE copy.