They Can’t Give Them Away

Posted on: May 22nd, 2015 by carolyn

Earlier this month I blogged about the SousVenir contest (Do I Have to Pay to Get a Prize?) as they were asking their winners to pay for shipping. Some companies do ask winners to pay for shipping, but they are up front about it and it’s in the rules. Entrants are aware of the entry requirements. That was not the case with the SousVenir contest. (more…)

Is Luck Really a Skill? –Part II

Posted on: May 21st, 2015 by carolyn

I love revisiting old posts. I came across Is Luck Really a Skill? and I still believe it is. Like everything else in the Universe, luck is energy. I won’t rewrite here what Enoch Tan so eloquently wrote in his blog post, but I will share with you an affirmation I wrote for the 2007 Canadian Contest Convention to help you get to a winning frequency. (more…)

Hobby or Addiction? — Part II

Posted on: May 20th, 2015 by carolyn

enter-to-winWay back when Winning for a Living was first aired I wrote a post called Hobby or Addiction? in response to Mike Smith’s obvious imbalance between his hobby and the rest of his life (family, friends, work, etc.). I was sad that the adrenalin of winning took over his life. It’s no different that an alcoholic. Win at any cost. (more…)

Do You PIN Code Hunt?

Posted on: May 19th, 2015 by carolyn

I came across a blog post I wrote on Dumpster Diving. I don’t actually dumpster dive, but I thought it would make a great post title. What I do (or used to do) is PIN code hunt.

PIN code, bottle caps (more…)

Could You Be Considered ‘Spammy’?

Posted on: May 18th, 2015 by carolyn

Twitter_logo_blueWhat I love about social media is, it keeps you on your toes because just when you think you have it figured out, the platform changes, updates, changes it’s policies, etc. , and you have to adjust. It’s like being at an arcade playing the shooting game where the targets move, except in this arcade, the floor keeps moving too!

I recently wrote a post on How to Win at a Twitter Party. I realized you should also ensure you are following all of Twitter’s terms of use after reading an older post I wrote; Twitter Thinks Contests are SPAM.

In it I outlined the five ways I tweet that Twitter could consider what I post ‘spammy’ and since then, Twitter has updated and expanded it expectations of it’s users.

Here is what Twitter now looks at to determine if your account is ‘spammy':

  • If you have followed and/or unfollowed large amounts of users in a short time period, particularly by automated means (aggressive following or follower churn);
  • If you repeatedly follow and unfollow people, whether to build followers or to garner more attention for your profile;
  • If your updates consist mainly of links, and not personal updates;
  • If a large number of people are blocking you;
  • If a large number of spam complaints have been filed against you;
  • If you post duplicate content over multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account;
  • If you post multiple unrelated updates to a topic using #, trending or popular topic, or promoted trend;
  • If you send large numbers of duplicate @replies or mentions;
  • If you send large numbers of unsolicited @replies or mentions;
  • If you add a large number of unrelated users to lists;
  • If you repeatedly create false or misleading content;
  • Randomly or aggressively following, favoriting or Retweeting Tweets;
  • If you repeatedly post other users’ account information as your own (bio, Tweets, url, etc.);
  • If you post misleading links (e.g. affiliate links, links to malware/click jacking pages, etc.);
  • Creating misleading accounts or account interactions;
  • Selling or purchasing account interactions (such as selling or purchasing followers, Retweets, favorites, etc.);
  • Using or promoting third-party services or apps that claim to get you more followers (such as follower trains, sites promising “more followers fast” or any other site that offers to automatically add followers to your account);

Be sure to read The Twitter Rules to ensure you are compliant and that you are Following the Rules and Best Practices, so your account is never suspended.

Have you ever broken Twitter’s rules?


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