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CONGRATULATIONS to Alicia of Winchester, VA who won a $100 Amazon Gift Card donated by Sweepstakes Advantage!


On Monday July 27th at 9:00pm ET, my guest was Linsey Knerl, writer at Wise Bread and co-author of 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget (which I was featured in).

Here are the URLs that Linsey and I spoke about during the show:

Sweeping 101: What the Real Winners Know
Linsey’s Wise Bread Blog

If you missed the show, you can listen to it here.

On Monday August 10th at 9:00pm ET, my guest will be Joyce Schwarz(@joycecom) author of The Vision Board, (@visionboard). What is Your Winning Vision? We will be discussing how you can create a vision board to attract in wins, along with whatever other wishes, dreams or goals you may have.

On Monday August 24th at 9:00pm ET, my guest will be Rob Salerno (@hollywoodprize) President of Hollywood Prize, Online Promotions Group and Cinnamon Entertainment. Hurray for Hollywood We will be discussing the hobby of contesting from a marketer’s perspective and how it can be improved for both parties.

You can listen live online and to ask questions you just enter the show’s chat room. You can also dial-in, (646) 200-4857, to listen to the show and ask questions. If you want to ask a question but are not able to listen live, email it to me in advance and you can hear your question(s) answered in the archived show.

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Joyce Schwarz (@joycecom) has donated some AMAZING prizes to be given away on With The Contest Queen.

For the August 10th show Joyce has donated a 1/2 hour career consultation with Joyce Schwarz via phone, valued at $250!

For the August 24th show, Joyce has donated: 1) an autographed hardback first edition copy of The Vision Board book, valued at $50! and 2) a Vision Board Party Planner Kit, valued at $100.  The kit includes: two CDs, 16 VIP/Spiritual leader's podcasts (exclusive to this offer), The Vision Board book and a copy of Joyce's other bestselling book Successful Recareering.

Are you interested in an inexpensive way to advertise your business? Donate a prize and I will promote your company, product or service in my e-newsletter and on my radio show. Please contact me directly.

CONGRATULATIONS! To Terry of Fairport, NY and Sandy of Arkansas City, KS won a one-year subscription to Sweetie’s Secret Sweeps!

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Good morning and thank you for all you info. I entered the Monthly Family Bailout Sweepstakes and became their April winner for the $10,000 payout. I am now financially free of creditors calling that I owe them money. Since I'm on disability, this has allowed me to clear my mind and start taking care of myself in better ways. I'm not taking little bits of money each month to chip away realizing that it takes a long time to catch up. I have seen that light at the end of the tunnel and it feels great. I hope that someone reading your newsletter will be encouraged to go the and enter. It’s easy. All you do is enter your info daily, and they might be a winner. This sweep is open until December 31, 2009. Like with any sweep, it's all a matter of luck, be in the right place at the right time.
Berwyn, IL

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Hi Carolyn,
I am a newbie and have a question about entering sweepstakes. I am in California USA and use a UPS Store for my mail. It is a street address and is NOT a P.O. Box. My concern is I see many sweepstakes rules that stated: DO NOT USE P.O Boxes. This may even void a win. Would my UPS store address be considered a P.O. Box in the eyes of the companies presenting the sweepstakes? I would hate to use my UPS address (which I use for all my mail) then win something and not be able to get it do to an interpretation of "P.O. Box".
Thank you,
Murrieta, CA

Hi Ann
I have a UPS box too. You are OK because, legally, you cannot say your P.M.B. (Private Mail Box) is a P.O. Box. Using my U.S. address as an example, here is how I would enter my PBM on a sweepstakes form:

Carolyn Wilman
1623 Military Road
Niagara Falls, NY 14304-1745

Carolyn Wilman
1008 – 1623 Military Rd.
Niagara Falls NY 14304

Also, at UPS, they will sign for any packages or letters couriered to you. At the USPS they won’t.

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