Want to put your promotion in front of the 100 million Americans and 10 million Canadians that enter contests and sweepstakes?

Ask me how!

A lot of time, money and effort is spent on a great prizing and an engaging contest, with maybe an attractive web interface and appealing graphics. This is all meant to leave customers with a favourable opinion and good feeling about your products, services and company. Unfortunately, there are five common mistakes marketers often make when running a promotion, creating an unfavourable consumer experience. Your prospects and customers either just go away, or worse, go away and tell others of their lousy experience.

The Contest Queen, Carolyn Wilman, makes sure that doesn’t happen. Your money is well spent. Your customers and prospects have fun, return to your contest, tell others, happily try and continue to use your products and services.

To achive those goals, she has created a specialized series of promotional marketing services program that:

  • virals out your promotion to the entire contest and sweepstakes community,
  • helps you develop and refine your contest in a way that leaves every contestant with a positive feeling about your product, service and company,
  • as well as buying actions that go beyond the end of the promotion.

Some of her services include:

  • Promotional Consultation
  • Contest Reviews, Auditing and Pre-Testing
  • Sweepstakes Editorial Services
  • Viral Marketing Services
  • Target Market Announcements

For a detailed description of services, pricing or a customized quote, please contact us.

About the Contest Queen
Carolyn Wilman comes to the  world of contesting and sweepstakes with over twenty five years of sales and marketing experience.  For the past nineteen years, she has run her own marketing consulting business specializing in promotional and event marketing.  She has a unique perspective having sat at both sides of the table, as both  marketer and competitor, she is able to help her clients understand promotions from their customer’s perspective and avoid the types of mistakes currently occurring in sweepstakes over and over again.



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