One of the nice things about having other friends that also enter contests and sweepstakes as a hobby is, if they can’t use the prize they might share it with you.

My friend Richard won tickets to a Toronto pub crawl with Labatt (an old beer company) for Alexander Keiths 213th birthday.

Richard and his wife couldn’t go so we volunteered to have a good time in their place.

Labbatt really knows how to treat its customers and winners!

We had a very good time with food, drink, song, and fun at every stop along the way.  Sadly I didn’t get a photo with Craig and eight beer wenches.  (His last record was six beer bunnies in Banff.)

At the first stop, we subjected ourselves to the greening of the hands ritual and held them up as moose antlers.

Sorry, Richard, we didn’t save you a piece of cake.


(To be fair, we have also shared prizes with Richard & Chris.  What good is having fun if you can’t share it?)