I want to talk about two things I feel are important before I blog about the balance of my trip: the Law of Attraction and Travel Insurance.

The Law of Attraction
I had six hours on the flight over to London to think about why I, in my mind, had attracted in exactly what I wanted only to have it “fall apart” hours before it was to occur.  I came to a couple of conclusions.

1) Since everyone is doing their own attracting and learning lessons pertinent to them, sometimes their manifesting may override anything you want and desire.  I feel the fact Craig was not able to go at the last minute had nothing to do with me.  It had to do with what he was attracting in and things he needed to deal with.

2) I was to learn a few lessons that overrode a romantic holiday.  The fact I was ill the entire time means that it would have not been romantic even if Craig had come with me.  There are things we think sub- or un-conciously that manifest themselves in ways we may not expect, such as being ill.

What I did remember to think and do the entire time was to remind myself All is Well, The Universe is unfolding as it should and to breathe consciously.  For me, it help tremendously.

Travel Insurance
(TRAVEL TIP: Always purchase health insurance whenever you travel outside your home province, state or country.)

I had travel insurance for this trip.  Why didn’t I use it?  Well, 1) it was Stephanie’s first trip to London and I didn’t want her to spend a day of it in a hospital and 2) frankly, I didn’t think I was that sick.

One of the things I have focused on doing in 2008 was to listen to my quiet inner voice.  On the plane ride home, I thought, “I need to go to the hospital as soon as we land.”  So I did.  It turns out I was very sick.  The potassium levels in my body were dangerously low.  I was given 1L of saline, 2L of potassium, 2 potassium pills and 2tbsp of liquid potassium.  Craig said had he been with me on the trip he would have taken me to the hospital.

Why I didn’t think I was that sick I don’t know.  I had Internet access and should have done a little research.  It turns out that if the standard treatments, such as Imodium, do not work and you continue to visit the loo for more than 48 hours you should see a doctor.  I should have gone to the hospital there.  Hindsight is 20/20.  So now I am awaiting for the results of tests they took at the hospital.  I am also visiting my family doctor on Wednesday.  I want to know what caused me to be so ill and if it requires further treatment.

So now you know why I was too sick to write.  I thought it was important for me to not only write about the good and the fun, but what else you can manifest in your life, unwittingly.  I hope by writing this post about what I have been through will help someone else in the future avoid a similar fate.

Now, back to posting about the fun!