Thank goodness I am finally up to writing again!

Well, I am crazy about the chick flick Notting Hill.  So I decided on this trip I was going to shop on the famous Portobello Road.  In the movie, the whole area looks so idyllic.

I had read that Saturday was the best day to go as all the shops and stalls would be out.  Little did I realize the crowds would be out in full force too.  They block off the road allowing for the maximum amount of shoppers.

We had so much fun squeezing in and out of the shop, browsing all the stalls.  We even had street food.  I had a falafel wrap and Stephanie had piallea.  I wish I took a picture of the stalls with the HUGE piallea pans all simmering away.

On our walk, we saw a huge billboard advertising Duffy’s new CD.

As we neared the end of the road we went searching for “the blue door”.  We had trouble finding it and then we discovered why.  It was BLACK!

Turns out that about a year after the movie came out the door was sold at auction for charity and was replaced by the current door.

I also wish we had looked up more locations in the area as other key scenes were filmed close by.  Plus being ill, I couldn’t eat the amazing-smelling fish and chips on paper.  I guess I’ll just have to win another trip to London!

I then took Stephanie to Oxford Street.  The city had blocked off that road too.  It was so busy it made the market look empty.  I have never seen such a large throng of people.  After squeezing in and out of a few shops we gave up and headed off to dinner.

I loved Portobello Road. I will definitely go back but in warmer weather!

(TRAVEL TIP:  Remember to dress warmly when traveling in Britain in the winter.  In my rush, I forgot my hat and gloves.  By the end of Portobello Road, I had bought a matching set.  I also wished I had packed my lightweight boots.  My feet were cold in shoes.)