If you have been been a regular reader of my newsletter or blog, you know I am a big proponent of the Law of Attraction. Since I so strongly believe that “half the hobby is in your head”, Sandra Grauschopf of About.com decided to read The Secret to better understand what I have been talking about.

Like many people new to this type of thinking, Sandra did not like some of the points put forth in the book. (Read her review here.) I do agree with Sandra, that on the surface, some of the points do not seem right, fair and do not fit with the common perception of what our reality is as human beings.

I feel there is more to this planet than we (as human beings) will ever know. The Law of Attraction is just one piece of a very large cosmic puzzle. The reason many people can’t see the “big picture” or accept all the points, both good and bad, put forth in The Secret is, it is hard to imagine what the whole puzzle looks like with only one piece. (Read my response to Sandra here, comment #5.)

I list my favourite “puzzle pieces” in the Attracting Luck section of my website. Life is an adventure. Have fun finding all your pieces!