Day 3, Saturday, July 4th was a wonderful day. It had rained off and on since we had arrived in Manchester NH.  The sun decided to grace us and was much needed for the final activity of the day; a full convention, with families, an outing to a Fisher Cats baseball game followed by fireworks.

The day began with a great talk by Dave Biron from the USPS.  I wish I had a link to the amazing video shown about the history and statistics of mail in the U.S.  (In Canada, I have not sent in any OEBs – Original Entry Blanks –  for three years now, and have only recently begun to see an upswing in my outgoing sweepstakes mail, but only for NPE – No Purchase Entries.)  It will be interesting to see how this entry method changes over the next few years…

Of course, the talk was followed by; PRIZE DRAWS!

After lunch and an optional session on eBay, we began the afternoon session.  We had a wonderful talk and slide show presentation by Valerie of Cherryfield ME. She was the lucky winner of the MasterCard Seven Wonders of the World Sweepstakes. She talked about the first of the four first-class trips she won. On this leg, she went to India and China to see the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China, with her daughter.  (I was most impressed by how gracious and appreciative winner Valerie is.  I believe you must be to win big.)  And, she has three more trips to go!

Of course, her presentation was followed by; PRIZE DRAWS!

At 6 pm we all began to walk over to the Stadium.  I wore my Toronto Blue Jays baseball hat as the Fisher Cats are the double-A affiliate team for the Jays. We had a buffet dinner followed by a game and fireworks.  I missed most of the game as my daughter spent it playing in the Kids Zone.  We did get back in time to see the Fisher Cats win and watch some amazing fireworks.

What a great way to end the day.  It doesn’t get more American on the 4th of July than hot dogs and baseball followed by fireworks. AWESOME!


Due to the location, there was no prize draws at the stadium.  They were saved for Sunday morning!