In general, when I talk about the friends I have made from this hobby, I am referring to fellow sweepers and contest buddies.  However, I have made friends with all types of people connected to this hobby, including a few of the owners of contest management companies.

I had an interesting conversation with one of them today.  He remarked they had just completed a “dedup” and stripped all the entries from cheaters out of the contest database before they conducted the drawing.

Why anyone would cheat is beyond me.  In the past, if a contest was one entry per person and you mailed in 10 or even 100, the envelopes would be scattered throughout thousands of entries across dozens of mailbags.  Chances are, you never would have been caught.  I can’t believe, with today’s technology, that anyone would even bother to try and cheat.  Finding cheaters is only a mouse click away.

So, if you think you are fooling anyone with altered names, tweaked street addresses or multiple email addresses, you are wrong.  Your name isn’t even in the hat.  That’s good news for the honest entrants, as your odds of winning, just went up!