Question #1:  If I enter a sweepstakes, will the company sell my information?

The answer is no.  Companies in the U.S. spent almost $2,000,000,000 running promotions in 2009.  They wouldn’t undermine their expensive marketing efforts by selling the information they worked so hard to collect.  Plus, who would be the first to buy their client and prospect database?  Their competitors.  Do you think Coke would ever give their client information to Pepsi?  No.  So your information is safe.

That said, always read the check boxes on the online entry forms.  Sometimes a company will share your information with its business partners.  For example, a magazine company may share your data with the sponsor of the sweepstakes if you authorize them to on the entry form.  If you say no, they won’t.

So, read each entry form slowly and carefully before you hit the submit button.