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This question was sent in from Pat:

I have a question about Facebook. First I do not have a Facebook account. It seems you must LIKE, on Facebook, they do not give you a choice to not LIKE. Why is this? Also, why is it a must to have a Facebook account? Lots of us would like a company, but do not have an account, so they cannot enter, or can they say yes I do like you.

You have two questions so let me answer them separately.

Facebook was originally designed as a way for college students to connect online.  Therefore the original structure was set forth for you to LIKE your friends or send friend requests for those you wanted to LIKE.  When companies began to set-up corporate accounts, the format did not change.

Due to the natural social aspect built into Facebook, which stems back to their original structure, companies love to host contests on Facebook as it tends to garner more entries, more brand awareness, more permission marketing and in the end sales.

Companies do not hold contests out of the goodness of their hearts and their love for their customers.  The bottom line of every marketing and advertising activity a company participates in is to garner sales.

Therefore, if you want to enter the contests hosted on Facebook you must have a Facebook account.  There is no way around it.  No other way to enter.

“If you’re not moving forward, you’re dying.”

This hobby is always changing and that change is speeding up as computers, the Internet and technology move forward.  The contestors were upset when companies began sweepstakes.  The sweepers that loved mail-in sweepstakes were upset when sweepstakes moved online.  Now sweepstakes are moving from straight forward online entries to social media entries.  Who knows what the next shift will be.

If you want to keep entering, and keep winning, you have to adapt.  For me, that’s what makes the hobby fun.  I am always learning something new.  I try different things.  I see what works and what doesn’t, for me.

“Life is nothing but research.”
Robert Ohotto

Pat, try playing with various entry methods.  See what you like and what you don’t.  What works and what doesn’t.  And when you are having fun, you will win.


Carolyn WilmanCarolyn Wilman (aka @ContestQueen) is the author of You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter. She teaches others how to find, organize, enter and win contests, sweepstakes and giveaways. To-date others have won over $1,000,000 using her Online Contesting System. As a Promotional Marketing Consultant, Carolyn also helps companies create, and viral market, winning promotions.