Originally posted on January 4th, 2015. As my favorite tool to organize and enter sweepstakes is RoboForm, and I still use it every day I thought it would be prudent to reshare this Q&A.

Hi Carolyn,

I’m reading your book right now and it is great. I have just one question though. I’m using Chrome Autofill and when I fill in the fields they turn yellow. Does that happen when you use RoboForm? And does that mean my entry will get disqualified?

Thank you for your input,


Hi Eddie,

Firstly, you will not be disqualified using the Autofill feature of any browser or RoboForm. It is not considered a robotic entry. Sponsor’s prefer it because it ensures you won’t make a typo, which could potentially disqualify you if they can’t contact you and your name is selected as a potential winner.

Sometimes the form fields change color and sometimes they don’t. It doesn’t matter. What matters is; are the entry fields filled out correctly? Are you giving the contest sponsor the correct information to enter the giveaway? Always scan the entire page, no matter what method you are using to fill out the forms, to ensure the data is correct.

The disadvantage to using Autofill, as appose to RoboForm, is that you can’t use Autofill to organize your sweepstakes or save more complicated entry forms. It’s my secret to winning.