One of the things I like to do when I win is share the prize and spread the fun around.

I was the lucky winner of two VIP tickets to the Durham Craft Beer Festival.

DCBFI invited my friend Dave from my contest club.

TIP: Being part of a contest club gives you a greater opportunity to: share winning tips, refer sweepstakes to each other, and take each other on wins.

(Double bonus as it was Dave’s birthday!)


We were allowed early entrance, which was perfect as it allowed us time to talk to the vendors.

TIP: Always look for ballot boxes as you wander events. We found one from the local radio station I won the passes from and entered for a prize pack.

We started with Stone City Ales. A great small brewery from Kingston, ON. There were 14 in total. Lots of beer to sample.

Stone City Ales

The prize included lunch at Buster Rhino’s Southern BBQ.

lunch at Buster Rhino's Southern BBQ

Of course, being a contestor I can spot the word WIN at 100 paces.

Russell Roy's Cheap Laughs Open Mic at Various Locations

By the time lunch was over the crowd had really filled out.

Dave and I realized we were never going to use the 25 tasting tokens we were given (as 5 tokens were the equivalent of a pitcher of beer!). So we walked around and randomly give out tokens to those with general admission wristbands. We met some wonderful people, had some good conversations, and all the tokens were shared in no time.

TIP: Someone offered to buy the balance of tokens at 1/2 price. Although many do choose to sell their prizes, I prefer the pay-it-forward approach.

How to you expand your prizes?

P.S. I realized if I want to be a better blogger, I need to take far more pictures. My selection for today’s blog post was dismal. Plus, it was obvious we were drinking at this win, as several pictures had fingers or thumbs in them.