Today was a perfect example of having a jam packed day and no time to enter.

This morning we were up early and off to a doctor’s appointment downtown Toronto.

TIP: Teach your kids how to enter too.

When the cue to call in happened on the morning radio show, my daughter used the speed dial feature over and over trying to be the 30th caller. We didn’t win, but we tried.

After finally meeting with the doctor, we had lunch. Sitting around for hours isn’t fun and we were famished.

TIP: While waiting enter all your text contests for the day.

We then rang my mom and arranged to see a movie later that afternoon. On the way to the theatre, we stopped in Aveda and booked hair appointments for the end of summer.

TIP: At any other point you find yourself waiting, scan Facebook and Twitter for either timeline or retweet contests. 

I ‘bought’ my tickets online using my Scene points, so the movie was FREE! To make it more fun, the tickets I bought were for the VIP theatre since it was posh. Then we nearly got tossed out as I didn’t realize they served alcohol, so all attendees had to be 19+. Thankfully, as it was a senior crowd, and my daughter didn’t look rowdy, they let us stay. (I highly recommend What We Did on Our Holiday.)

Then we headed to my mom’s to walk her dog and have dinner. I took the opportunity to snap a few photos to use in contests. This was my entry today:


(If you want to know what I entered, check my Twitter feed.)

TIP: When out and about, and out of your normal routine, take heaps of pictures you can use in current or future contests.

After a great dinner out on the patio, we hung around for a wee bit before heading back home. All that was left to do was blog.

If it wasn’t for my phone I wouldn’t have got a single entry in today. I am guessing I got in about 20+. I could have entered more, but I am trying to be more present when with friends and family.

Do you use your mobile phone to enter?

P.S. All is well. My daughter had back surgery for scoliosis this year and this was her 6-month follow-up appointment. The surgeon is pleased with how well she is healing.