I used to say that all the time to my boss when I worked in software sales. It didn’t matter what we perceived the reality of the situation to be. What mattered was how the prospect or client perceived us, the product, etc. that matters as it’s what would determine if we made the sale, or not.


I was reminded of this when a fellow marketer posted a comment on my YouTube video Winning For A Living. They were shocked at the insanity of the contestors portrayed in the video and would ensure when they were creating giveaways they would reward customers.

NOTE: It’s important that you DO NOT go to my YouTube channel and begin a flame war or disparage the poster in anyway. They are a fellow marketer and are experiencing the same struggle we all are online trying to maximize their client’s marketing budget and increasing sales. Although I do not agree with their perspective, I respect their point of view. If you wish, you are welcome to post your own perspective, but be respectful. Just as you would want someone to do to you. Critique is ok. Criticism is not.

Of course, I immediately went on the defensive. (Follow @RobertOhotto to learn about how when triggered it’s about you, not the one doing the triggering!) I posted my response, and after a bit of back and forth, I discovered they only had the video to go on. They had never seen any of my other videos or interviews, ready my book, listened to my podcasts or followed me on any other social media outlet. From my perspective, their perspective is myopic, and my attempts to expand it failed. It became clear they were not going to change their stance. They didn’t want contestors entering their, or their client’s, contests even if would maximize their marketing ROI in every way.

What is your perspective on the hobby?

P.S. Watch this great TED Talk on Perspective is Everything.