RafflecopterJust as there are enough prizes for everyone, there are enough clients for all the giveaway apps. Last month Rafflecopter posted a blog about a shift in the giveaway app industry.

Why It Pays To Always Be Listening

The Coles Notes version is: they were competitors, aware of each other, and occasionally connected trying to solve similar customer challenges. When PunchTab decided to focus on other aspects of their business and get out of the contest arena, they recommended Rafflecopter as an option for all their customers.

So why Rafflecopter? There is a myriad of giveaway apps to choose from. I believe it’s because of all the apps that were similar to PunchTab, Rafflecopter played nice.

What do I mean by played nice? Although PunchTab was their competitor, they treated them with respect in public (on Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and you reap what you sow. They sowed professionalism and they received it in return. (That said, they also have a product worthy of endorsing. Even if they showed respect, but their product was horrible, they would not have received a recommendation.)

The laws of attraction, karma, giving and gratitude are universal. They don’t just work to win prizes or obtain material goods such as a new car, a big house or trips. They work in all areas of life.

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Do you play nice when you are sweeping?


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