Many of the things I teach, I learned the hard way. I make the mistake, figure out a better way and share my knowledge with you, saving you time and energy.

One of my biggest entry mistakes was starting by using my business email. As I owned my own company it was also my main personal email. It was bad enough I was already mixing personal and business, but adding contesting on top of that just made my inbox a hot mess.

When I made the decision to separate my hobby from my personal/work email I knew I had to have a plan or I could lose out on prizes.

I began with getting a virtual email address (vs one from my Internet provider or another company-based address). I changed my contact data within RoboForm (so when auto-filling forms it would always have my new email address). I also gave myself a window of about a year. Yes, a year, to fully convert my hobby.

Why a year? Well, look at what you are entering today. When does any given promotion end? Some have very long entry periods. Then add on time for the drawing to occur, potential winner notification, etc. It is a sliding scale as most sweepstakes end shortly, so it would be only the odd potential win notification at the end of the 12-month time frame.

I left all the current sweeps I had saved with my ‘old’ email address (I was still using it for work) and began using the new one on any new sweepstakes I entered. Slowly, over time, more and more, entries were made with the new email address until all the entries were ported over.

Over time, I even noticed the conversion with win notifications, until I no longer had to check my work email for the words, “Congratulations, you may have won …”

I do not relish ever having to do it again.

Have you ever had to move your hobby to a new email address? If so, what did you do?