SuperLucky SecretsI am super excited to announce I am a judge in the SuperLucky Secrets Competition! Even better, I was lucky enough to review SuperLucky Secrets before it was for sale!!

I loved it. It was concise, easy to read, and contained tips even I didn’t know. (Which is why both Di and I recommend you make sweeping friends. You learn from each other. This hobby is so vast and changing so quickly, no one person can keep up on their own.)

My favourite part of the book was TIP #32: Look Out For Litter. You know I used to “Dumpster Dive” & “PIN Code Hunt“. Well in the U.K. they call it wombling. I had to look it up!

The WomblesThe Wombles are these lovely little fictional creatures that collect trash. Their motto is Make Good Use of Bad Rubbish. We contestors certainly do that!

It’s even more important for those in the U.K. to make use of purchased entries (“codes on rubbish”) as they passed a law allowing marketers to do away with NPE (No Purchase Entries).

Although Di lives in the U.K., her book is for everyone as her tips are universal, such as: Facebook contests, Twitter giveaways and mail-in promotions.

Now, if you want to be in to win £100 or  a subscription to Compers News, head over to Amazon, get a copy of her book (link below) and submit your entry.

As the sweepstakes laws are different in the U.K. Di can legally require you to buy her book to be entered. It is £10 well spent if you chose to participate.

The full rules are on her entry page, but I will tell you the competition is OPEN WORLDWIDE!

Are you going to enter?