Fox News reported this story today:

Elderly man’s Quaker Oats contest submission rejected because… it’s hand-written

Mailed In Entry

Yes, you read that correctly. The rules clearly stated all submissions must be sent in electronically. In an ironic twist, William Smith had his granddaughter help him scam the letter and send it onto the news station. Why didn’t he have her scan it and send it in to the contest?! Thus following the rules and having an opportunity to win.

What I would like to know is, if all the contest information lead you to the website, and he didn’t have Internet access, where did he get the address to send in his submission? I am assuming he sent his entry into Quaker’s main corporation mailing address, which wouldn’t have been the one in the rules set out by Quaker’s ad agency; YA.

Did you enter? If so, by which platform?