In 2011 I began a tradition of sharing a personal blog on the first day of the year. I share my personal and business goals, stumbles, shifts, and dreams. This year is no different.


Last year my post was titled: How to Make 2015 a Winning Year.  Here were the goals I had set for myself and the life journeys I was facing:

  • I plan to finish writing the last chapter of How To Win Cash, Cars, Trips & More! the first week of January. Then editing, layout and printing.
  • We have already started redesigning Stay tuned for the launch, along with a pre-sale announcement for my book.
  • As Facebook is changing its algorithm (again), my focus on connecting with the contest community and teaching will shift to this blog (far more frequent posts than in 2014!) and my newsletter, along with Google+, YouTube videos, and either/or Google Hangouts and webinars.
  • Business is growing, and I am continuing to work with Branding & Buzzing and Alokozay Tea. Stay tuned for promotions from both companies. I am excited to see what new companies I will work with in 2015.
  • As for my health: I plan to continue working with a naturopath. I bought a juicer after watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, and look forward to starting a regular yoga practice again in the spring.
  • After all, is said and done, my first priority will always be my daughter, Nicole, especially as she is scheduled for back surgery in February. The healing process is long and may pull me away from work at times. All your prayers are greatly appreciated.

How Did 2015 Stack Up?

I did:

  • Redesigned Phase Two of the redesign is complete. Only Phases Three and Four were left to design and implement. Have you poked around the new site to see what has changed?
  • Posted to this blog more frequently. I gave myself a 365 Blogging Challenge. To post a blog each day for a year. Do you subscribe?
  • I also posted more frequently to Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, and BlogTalkRadio.
  • I began a regular yoga practice. I now attend a hot yoga class almost every day. In the summer, I won a Fitbit (I am PittaGirl if you want to be my workout buddy) and began adding daily walks into my routine.
  • Helped my daughter Nicole heal from her back surgery (to correct curves from scoliosis).

I did not:

  • Complete How To Win Cash, Cars, Trips & More! There was far more than one chapter left to write, and I did make headway by garnering missing permissions, conducting interviews, and rewriting some chapters.

Goals I Brought Forward From Previous Years

Never give up:

  • I achieved my Toastmasters Advanced Leadership Bronze certification, and I am only one speech away from my Advanced Communicator Bronze designation.
  • In April, I met my mentor, teacher, and client Robert Ohotto at his workshop From the Dark Night to Rebirth in Boulder, CO.

My 2016 Goals

How To Win Cash, Cars, Trips & More! will be published both in softcover and Kindle editions.

In 2015 I did well until August. Then I missed two days. I realized I could backdate posts in WordPress. By December, I was so busy (between clients, Christmas, and the insanity of deciding to paint my house during the holidays) that combined with running out of ideas for posts, blogs dropped right off.

In 2016, I will blog frequently, but only when I have something to say. I won’t be posting on social media begging for topics. I am also shifting all sweepstakes marketing blog posts to LinkedIn and my new Idea Majesty website, keeping From The Contest Queen specifically for entrants/contestors.

BUSINESS will be completed, and Idea Majesty will be built.

To stay abreast of winning opportunities, follow me on my social media platforms as more companies are hiring me to share their giveaways.

I will achieve my Advanced Communicator Bronze designation and begin working on my Advanced Communicator Silver certification.

I will continue my daily yoga practice. I would like to add cardio back in sooner rather than later. I did manage to lose 15 lbs, but I would like to let go of the other 30 lbs!


Entering and winning were up and down in 2015. Some months I had time and was able to enter regularly. Some months I didn’t. The flow of prizes was a direct reflection of my efforts and once again proved my Sales Funnel theory.

I would like to get back into a daily contesting habit as it’s a passion of mine. It’s also where I learn and, in turn, teach you.


I know many of you like to track your wins. Here is the link to my annual Track Your Wins spreadsheet. Scroll down to download your FREE copy.

What are you planning for 2016?