You may have seen me PIN code hunting with my daughter in High Stakes Sweepers or Winning For a Living. We did collect PINS, but not the way it was portrayed on TV. My ex used to love taking late evening walks. As people would put out their bins the night before recycle day, he would always collect codes for me to enter. I would come down to the kitchen to find a big pile of soda bottle caps.

That practice stopped for several reasons:

  1. Coke closed their PIN program in Canada in 2014.
  2. We got a divorce, so he was no longer going to help me win.
  3. Contesting took a back seat to other priorities as my life was changing gears.

I decided it was time to start PIN Code hunting again because:

  1. Canada Dry was holding a summer contest giving away a lot of great prizes.
  2. I had began to take early morning daily walks as it’s recommended as the best form of exercise to start reclaiming your health.

PIN codesAs I wasn’t the one walking around the neighborhoods and PIN codes used to be so prevalent, I never figured out the best approach. I wasn’t even sure it would work until I decided to try it one morning. I came home with eight codes. I knew I had to keep up this combined practice.

Here is what I have figured out while hunting:

  1. Go out as early as you can in the day (6:00am in my choice) to beat the pick-up trucks and people don’t see you grabbing the occasional code.
  2. It is better to go out on the week garbage is picked up* as more people put out recycle bins.
  3. Walking in neighborhoods with townhomes or proves to be more fruitful as the houses are close together. You can cover more ground in the same amount of time.
  4. Older neighborhoods seem to drink more soda. I am not sure why that is. This is not a scientific study. Just my observation.
  5. If you see a lot of another brand of soda in the box, keep going as they are usually loyal to that brand and you won’t find what you are looking for.
  6. Remember you are walking for exercise and that is your reward on days you find one or no codes.

*In my town recycling is picked up every week and garbage every other week.

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