luckyLast weekend I had the pleasure of reading Winning is Not for the Lucky by Tyneisha Fondren.

Tyneisha takes my saying “make this hobby your own” to a new level. In her quick read book (I read it while getting my haircut!) she focuses on two things: positivity and testing entry methods to increase your odds of winning.

Her goal is to get you thinking differently about sweeping. When you think differently you behave differently. With changed behaviors could come prizes. That’s where the fun begins. Tyneisha outlines methods she has employed to put her on a winning path for you to try.

I am not going to tell you what she teaches specifically as her book is so inexpensive ($2.99! Less than a cuppa coffee.) and can be read in an hour, that I will let you discover her encouragement and advice for yourself.

I will outline the Table of Contents to give you an idea of what topics she discusses:

  • Introduction
  • Luck is a Relative Term
  • So Are You a Winner, or What
  • If Your Friend Jumped Off a Cliff
  • The Easy Entry is Just Too Easy
  • Get Over Your FOSM (Wait, What?)
  • Get Your Search Juices Flowing
  • Pay Attention!
  • Sweep Up Your Mess
  • Dare to (Not) Compare
  • Still Not Convinced?

If you are looking for more specific entry tips and methods (what I teach), this book is not for you. If you want a boost during a dry spell, then I recommend you purchase this pick-me-up.

Do you have a favorite sweepstakes book?