I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Zachary Crocket of The Hustle for an article he was writing on our hobby. The main two people he focussed on was Di Coke of Super Lucky in the UK and myself. I spent well over an hour with him on the phone outlining our hobby from both an entrant’s perspective and a marketer’s.

The women who win hundreds of sweepstakes per year

Winning online sweepstakes is supposedly an act of pure luck — but some contestants claim to have it down to a science.

Zachary got most of it right, and a few points wrong …


I could tell from his writing which bits he got from me as many were verbatim from our interview.

“She uses software to auto-fill hundreds of entry forms with her information.”

It makes it sound as if I use bots to enter thousands of giveaways in any given day. Any sweeper worth their salt would know this is false. It takes time and effort to win.

I had said was ‘auto-fill‘ similar to the auto-complete feature in any browser. My auto-filler of choice is RoboForm as not only will it properly fill out online forms, you can save the filled form making entering Daily contests easy.

Not sure if he thinks auto-fill and automated form-filler are the same thing.


Where did he get this number?!

“In a one hour-long sitting, with a few clicks, Wilman can enter more than 200 sweepstakes.”

I am lucky if I enter 60. I said up to 100, but currently, I enter here and there throughout the day. One of my goals is to get my business to a place where I can carve out a solid chunk of time dedicated to sweeping each day.


The informal poll statistics were based on a U.K. survey Di conducted. I wonder how well those numbers translate to the U.K. marketplace as the rules for running giveaways are different in each country.


Zachary featured Di’s wins as her lists were current. I used to keep track of my win, diligently. I even share an annual spreadsheet for anyone to use. However, when I went through my divorce, and subsequent depression, my daily entering went down along with my desire to record the minor prizes I did receive. Even when life got sunnier and my wins went up, I never began tracking again. I sure wish I had …


I loved the article and even with a few points askew. Also, happy that Zachary shared the:

  1. links I gave him to a few of the most popular aggregates in the United States.
  2. tips to teach others how to begin winning.

Did you read it? What did you think?