My first chat was generic and designed to just talk about all things positive. For my second chat, I decided I should start to pick specific topics. Ones that have influenced my life, changed my thought patterns (and in turn vibration) along with my choices and therefore my life path.

When I was 18 my dad gave me a book and said, “If I can teach you at 18 what I learned at 36, you will be way ahead of me.” I wish I could remember what the book was. What did happen was, over the years I read countless motivational, inspirational, spiritual and self-help books. Anything to improve, heal and grow my mind, heart, and soul.

One topic that always fascinated me was astrology. We are more than our sun signs and the newspaper horoscopes are too small and generic to mean anything. I am talking about how your birth chart is a glimpse into your soul purpose and how you can use it to make better choices.

So what does this have to do with sweepstakes? 

I believe that anything that can help you achieve the highest, best, version of yourself at any point in your life, will help you win. At everything. Not just prizes.

This was originally recorded as a Facebook Live on Monday, September 23rd, 2019.

Links to the resources I discuss in the video.

Robert Ohotto:
Soul Connexions Radio:
Debra Silverman:
Rick Levine:
David Palmer:
Gregory Scott:
Maria DeSimone:
Blaine Watson: DM me for his email address. He is not online.

Feel free to let any of the astrologers know I referred you.

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What unique tools do you use that help you win?