There is a dark side to sweepstakes. It’s not something people talk about. As I like to teach about the best parts of this hobby, I never talk about it either.

I discovered it about 15 years ago when I posted a few too many wins. Although they were not large, I got a bit of hate coming my way. Greedy people feeling I was winning everything, leaving nothing for them. People say horrid things when hiding behind a screen and keyboard. They didn’t understand companies spend several billion dollars annually running sweepstakes. There are enough prizes to go around. They just needed to start entering smarter.

I generally ignore it. If someone starts posting too much drama on Facebook I unfriend them. Then I had enough.

After my online contest buddy suggested ‘we’ need a happy place to share wins and good juju, I took her idea and ran with it, immediately. (As per The 5-Second Rule, you have five seconds to act on a great idea or inspiration or the impetus is gone.)

The Good Vibrations Sweepstakes Club was born.



Welcome to a positive happy space. I finally reached my tipping point of negativity in the sweepstakes community. Today that changes. If you like to enter giveaways, cheer on others, and generally have fun with a sunny disposition, this group is for you. This group isn’t is a place to complain. Nor can you share giveaways, ask for votes, or learn how to contest, etc. What you can do is: post wins and get applauded. Request fairy dust and others will send it your way. You can ask any question regarding the law of attraction, positive thinking, elevating your energy, etc. I will share videos, articles, podcasts, etc. on how to improve our hobby (ourselves) from the inside out. You can too. Let make the world a better place and banding together. (Thanks to Stacy for the fab idea!) Here we go!!

Will you be joining us?