I frequently get questions about PIN Code hunting.

Do you wear gloves?

No. I do not use gloves as labels and tabs require fine dexterity. Plus, that’s what soap and water are for. I give my hands a good wash when I get home. I also keep baby wipes in my car if my hands are particularly sticky.

Does anyone bother you?

My usual answer is, “No.” If spoken to it’s to either ask me what I am doing (of course they are fascinated) or to tell me they have no bottles and cans. When I respond I am not looking for them, I am met with confusion. This week, I was finally confronted.

No spoiler alerts here. Just watch the video below. It’s only five minutes and, I think, very funny.

Isn’t what you are doing illegal?


Special thanks to Angelina for forwarding me the tweet after she saw the video.

You are braver than I am.


What do you have to lose? (Except weight! I take 7500-10000 steps in a typical morning and it’s cheaper than the gym!)

What are you afraid of?

Being confronted? I have been and it’s hilarious. Not scary at all.

Have you ever been confronted?