Meeting fellow sweepers, contestors and compers was the single biggest surprise I had from taking up the hobby of entering giveaways.

Why was it the biggest surprise? It’s because I started in the era as online promotions were taking off and mail-ins were dying off, plus I live in Canada.

What does that mean? It means I started the hobby online, in a Yahoo Group chatting with others. I felt connected until I decided to write my first book. While researching all aspects of the hobby in both Canada and the USA, I discovered in the United States there were sweepstakes clubs and conventions. A convention!

In 2005 my then-husband and I attended our first sweepstakes convention in Moline IL. It was a very surreal event for me because I felt I already knew the other attendees. I felt like I belonged. This was an amazing feeling as I always felt like the odd one out. A friend told me I found my soul group!

If you want to meet fellow hobbyists, then check out a few of the resources below.


If you have read or watched The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio then you know sweepstakes clubs aren’t new.



If you want to hang out with me, join me in Michigan this month. Tickets are still available.


There are only a few clubs in Canada compared to the United States.


The U.K.

Di Coke, my British counterpart, shares a lot of the same information as I do, except it’s for the United Kingdom as their rules and laws are different. If you ever win a trip across the pond, reach out and meet fellow compers.


Clubs via Facebook



It may come as a surprise to you, but Indians love to enter contests and they meet up too! This blog post was written in 2010: Winner’s Night.

If I missed any country links. Let me know.

Do you hang out with other sweepers, contestors, or compers?