Yesterday I was contacted by Phia from Gimlet Media about sweepstakes cheaters for a podcast called Reply All. We had a fascinating discussion about sweepstakes, the history of the hobby, cheating, and solutions plus justice.

Afterward, I went onto Spotify to check it out. I listened to two episodes that confirmed why every sweeper should be using RoboForm for both password protection along with organizing and entering giveaways.

The first one is about a guy who lives in NYC and discovers someone using his Uber account in Russia. The second one is a follow-up episode on how his account was hacked.

I highly recommend listening to them as I was hooked.

And, so far there isn’t an episode recorded yet about sweepstakes, but I am sure there will be something in the future!

How does this relate to sweepstakes?

Many people use the same email and password for everything, including signing in to sweepstakes aggregates, sponsor’s websites, etc.

I teach people how to use RoboForm to organize their sweepstakes, but you should also be using it to encrypt all your passwords. There are other password managers that are rated as ‘better’, but I have not found one that has a similar form filling feature.

If you are not already using it, why not? RoboForm offers free tutorials, plus I teach online workshops and offer a discount to my readers.

Do you use RoboForm for passwords?