How three positive thinking concepts brought me to owning a special vanity plate.


I am not sure the year I learned about the power of I AM, but I do remember it was from an interview with Jack Canfield. He was explaining how your brain is like a computer following instructions. Say “I am always tired.” Boom! You are exhausted. Say “I am broke.” Boom! You have no money. It’s why you want to constantly say positive affirmations. I am happy. I am rich. I am always winning prizes. I am consistently experiencing wonderful adventures.

You get the idea.


As everything is energy, therefore everything vibrates at a specific frequency. Like a radio, you cannot listen to 99.9 FM if you are tuned into 104.5 FM, and vice versa.

Same with I AM. The frequency of the word, or words, you put after it, determine(s) what you will be resonating with. Try it. Pay attention to how you feel when discussing a happy event or topic and conversely something stressful or sad.


Frequency is also why prayers work. Many are sending the same frequency in a specific direction. It’s why, if you are a dry spell and are a member of my Good Vibrations Sweepstakes Club, posting a request for a sprinkling of fairy dust (aka prayers for luck) usually results in a turn of fortune. Think about the joy of sending another good wishes, happiness and hope in the form of fairy dust. Not only does it help the recipient, but you also feel good in the process. WIN-WIN!


Years ago, when vanity plates became available in Ontario I bought IMLUCKY. I wanted IAMLUCKY but at that time we were limited to seven characters.

The original intention was to put it on a car I won. After having the plates sit in my office for a couple of years, I decided I was going to put them on my car anyway. Not only would I be lucky, but anyone reading my plates would think, “She is lucky.” sending me good vibes and I would exponentially attract luck in all areas of my life.

NOTE: I have yet to win my first car. Please send lucky vibes! 


When the province announced that eight-character plates would be available, I suggested to my-then-husband he should get IAMLUCKY. He never did.

Fast forward to today. We were driving back from getting my daughter’s haircut when I spotted a car in front of me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I said, “What does that licence plate say?” She said, “I AM LUCKY!!

I got as close as I safely could and had her take a picture. I then speed up, passed them and pulled up in front of them. I then looked in my rearview mirror to see them waving wildly at me. We waved back. I smiled all the way home.


I AM will not solve your life’s problems or magically bring you prizes, money, love or health. However, it will set forth a higher vibration allowing you to see opportunities to attract in the life you want. Pulling the future back to you versus having the past pushing you forward*.

*Read Stop Doing That Sh*t by Gary John Bishop as he teaches you how to stop self-sabotaging and manifesting a life you want using the pull vs. push methodology.

Start with this video or this playlist: I AM.

I also recommend you read The Luck Factor by Dr. Richard Wiseman for an in-depth look at the science behind luck.

Do you use positive affirmations as part of your winning hobby?