NOTE: This article was originally posted on October 19th, 2009. It is a synopsis of Helene Hadsell’s most famous acronym. To fully understand SPEC, along with full examples, antidotes and other winning tips, you can now buy the 3rd Edition her book Contesting: The Name It & Claim It Game.

If you saw Wendy and I on Canada AM this morning talking about the hobby of contesting and how she won her house, you may have heard us talk about SPEC.

Select It, Project It, Expect It, Collect It

Due to the short amount of time we had, we were not able to give a full overview of each step. Helene Hadsell is the creator of SPEC and she wrote the following article to further explain SPEC and how to use the four steps in manifesting anything you wish in life, including prizes.


by Helene Hadsell

SPEC the technique that I use whenever I have a goal to reach is not new; people in all walks of life use it in many cultures and professions. Follow me through the steps as I will explain in more detail:

Select a goal to get started. Someone asked if this technique could be used for other purposes other than just entering contests for merchandise. YES! This can be used to obtain anything you desire in the physical, mental or spiritual realms. You name it and you can claim it.

Project it can be accomplished in many ways: See it as already having it. For example, the Indians see the rain falling on the ground while they are doing their famous Rain Dance. They do not see the beginning stages of clouds forming or darkening skies-just the end result of rain hitting the ground. In the same way, a doctor, healer or patient should always see the end result of the patient’s perfect health. That is, they must visualize the patient not getting well, but instead already being 100% well. This is not lying to oneself; rather this is commanding the Higher Consciousness to bring about a particular desired goal, condition or situation into one’s life.

Expect it, is again seeing yourself as already having or enjoying the end result. The following is a simple visualization technique I enjoy doing while waiting for something to come to fruition. It’s a yoga breathing exercise that anyone can use. While sitting in a chair, inhale slowly for four to seven seconds (whichever is most comfortable for you); hold your breath for four to seven seconds; exhale slowly for four to seven seconds; finally, do not breathe at all for four to seven seconds. Repeat this breathing sequence for five minutes’ time. While doing this rhythmic breathing SEE yourself having what you want to have or being what you want to be.

A certain phenomenon occurs as you do this special breathing exercise. As you slowly exhale about the forth time, you will become aware of a very relaxed feeling in your arms and legs. You will feel so comfortable that you will not even want to move. This is because physical tension has been reduced within the muscles and nerves of your body.

At the same time, a second phenomenon occurs. Your anxieties-your mental tensions-are also relieved. This leaves your thoughts and mind open for you to program your goals. In this relaxed state mentally picture your desired end result.

Be positive! Ask for the good things of life. You deserve the best!

How else can you express your God-given talents? How else can you help others unless you yourself are healthy and happy? You need energy and a life of abundance to accomplish your best work. This technique has proven very successful for me and many of the students that use it.

Being a Positive person is so vital and important to make this process and life in general a daring-delightful adventure. I’m going to do more preaching on the subject.  First, obviously is to think positive, do not be negative either mentally or emotionally. Do not dwell on what could go wrong or what has not worked before. Visualize the end result Only and do not be concerned with how it will come to you. Just see and feel it as though it is already achieved. The second meaning about being positive is doing something constructive on the physical level to aid your mental picture. You have to “get into the act”.  You can accomplish this by using the yoga exercise I shared with you earlier or by depriving yourself of some physical pleasure until you receive what you want.

For example, one woman kept the TV turned off for weeks until she received (from unexpected sources) the money she needed to repair her house. Another student got on her treadmill and walked 15 minutes a day until she got a new car. She explained “I visualized myself in a new car. I actually could smell the newness of the interior.” She won the car from a local radio station contest three months later. You may use whatever disciplinary measure you wish that fits into your way of life. The important thing is that you do something to show your subconscious mind that you mean business, that you are willing to work for what you want.

In this way, you become positive by doing some extra tasks on the physical level. If you fail to do the exercise or to use the discipline you have chosen, this is an indication to the subconscious that you really did not want or care to accomplish what you asked for.

Yes! Sometimes I have collected a prize or end result in a matter of hours but the majority of the time there is a delayed action; that’s when the majority of people get impatient and can actually nullify their goal with negative energy. Being positive in all areas is a way of life for me now.

Collect it is the fun part and makes it all worthwhile. And the most important is to begin to love completely. LOVE everything unconditionally: the clouds, wind, stones, trees, animals, insects and all the people you come into contact with. (This is sometimes the most difficult task.) You must love and respect everything. This is not physical love, but rather a universal feeling; a common bond and harmony with all. My Indian friend taught me that even the stones have a consciousness of their own. God’s consciousness is in everything, and we must love all of it!   Helene Hadsell


I tend to get sentimental when I remember all the good things and experiences I’ve had and continue to enjoy. I have found the more that you use these techniques in and for all areas of your life the more insightful you become. A calm, contented feeling will surface when you realize what life in the physical is all about. You will find yourself becoming more of an observer and your understanding of people will take on a new perspective. It will also remind you that we are all here to learn about ourselves as we evolve. We are all ‘Gods’ in the making’ as the saying goes.