It can get pretty funny. Keep reading to find out how it got even funnier after I stopped filming.

The short version is my boyfriend George rand me up this afternoon asking me what I had entered him in.

O.M.G. Everything!

He said Corus Entertainment rang him about a naughty Valentine’s Day contest. They liked his entry but they would have to edit it to talk about it on the radio.

I was thinking, “Naughty?!” I would never put something inappropriate in an entry. I started Googleing quickly as they own two radio stations Q107 and The Edge 102.1 in the Toronto area.

Then I kinda vaguely remembered entering something about not having the correct story, but here is something else what happens. I am a writer, I took a life experience and made it sorta fit the giveaway the best I could. And then I forgot all about it.

I took my daughter to the dentist and while waiting for her I found it. It was supposed to be a terrible Valentine’s Day, not naughty. WHEW! I knew I wouldn’t submit something lewd.

After I came home I kept laughing at how I forgot all about it and I decided to film this video:

Then it got even funnier once George got home. Apparently, as I completely blanked on what I submitted and he had no clue what I wrote when the DJs called him and interviewed him on the radio. The story he made up on the spot wasn’t even close to ‘his’ entry.

I couldn’t stop laughing. Poor George. He begged me to either tell him what I am doing or stop entering him in those types of entries. I promised while chuckling.

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Have you ever forgotten to tell someone you entered them?