I am excited to be hosting this giveaway because it means a goal that I have been putting on my list of New Years’ resolutions for six years has finally been accomplished.

Contest Queen is officially a singular site for teaching people how to win. (Stay tuned for some updates.) My new site Idea Majesty is where I now promote all my digital marketing services and books, especially those that are not sweepstakes related.

What prompted me to get off my duff and finish the website content creation and design was Helene. I had finished updating her second book, In Contact With Other Realms, but as it covers many metaphysical and new thought topics, it had nowhere to live. Hence, my building it a home.

I believe Helene chose to write The Name It & Claim It Game first because people would read a book about learning to win prizes before they would read a book on how they were spiritual beings having a human experience. It’s why she hid her lessons in winning stories—her methods in contest examples.

Helene knew writing that book wasn’t what she was called to do in this lifetime. She knew her purpose was to teach others about all the different layers of the Universe. As above, so below and all is one. She also knew people needed to have specific information gift wrapped to understand and accept it. Under the guise of winning, Helene was able to break through thought patterns and psychological walls to begin instilling mystical truths.

After The Name It & Claim It Game became a best seller, Helene knew her readers were ready to hear about her other mystical life adventures and learn the spiritual lessons she was destined to impart.

Of course, being the Contest Queen I couldn’t make such an exciting announcement without hosting a giveaway!

If you would like to win a copy of In Contact With Other Realms, enter below.

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SHORT RULES: Win one (1) of 3 copies of In Contact With Other Realms. (ARV $20 USD). Open to the United States & Canada. Ends at 11:59 pm ET on Friday, August 28th, 2020. Entries are only accepted in the Rafflecopter widget above.

Can’t wait to win? You can buy your copy in either paperback or e-book and on four platforms: Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, and Apple Books.

What have you had similar adventures to Helene?