Twenty years ago I lay in bed reading Reader’s Digest. There was an article by Barb Taylor, who was a stay-at-home mom who entered sweepstakes as a hobby. She enhanced her life with prizes and adventures that she would never have had in her everyday life.

Big things. Trips to Italy, Scotland, Mexico, and Hawaii. Appliances. Furniture. Barbeques.

Small things. Gift cards for local restaurants. New bikes and skateboards for her children. Tickets to movies or local theatre.

Adventures. Doing rolls in a stunt plane.

At the time I was unemployed and thought, “I don’t have to work. I’ll just win stuff.

Sadly, I have never been able to earn my living winning, but it has certainly changed my life. Like Barb, I have afforded things, not in my budget. I have gone on adventures I never would have dreamed of. Most importantly, I made friends I never would have met if it weren’t for this hobby.


In 2019, Di Coke, aka Super Lucky Di, and author of Super Lucky Secrets hosted her 10th Anniversary of blogging.

Why didn’t I think of that?! My 10th anniversary of blogging was 2018! I decided I wasn’t going to let this milestone pass without celebrating and sharing the fun and excitement!


For some reason, I remember the date I read the article. It was August 11th. To celebrate my 20th Sweepstakes Win-niversary I am hosting a giveaway-a-day for 20 days! Plus this Grand Prize giveaway!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Win one (1) of twenty (20) Amazon gift cards–in the currency in the country in which you reside (ARV $20 each. Total value of all prizes $400.) Open to the United States and Canada. Ends at 11:59 pm ET on Tuesday, August 31st, 2021. One prize per person.

Come back tomorrow, August 11th, for another chance to win.


CONGRATULATIONS to Kelly T., Charlene W., Lillian B., Steve M., Michael H., Catherine F., Carol D., David E., Melanie A., Laura M., Sara Z., Mary P., Angelo A., Bobbi P., Sherri T., Elaine G., Lisa D., Christopher L., Kay B.!!


When did you start entering sweepstakes?