Always be taking pictures. Be a sweepstakes shutterbug. You never know when you can use an image to enter and win.

Three Tips on Using Pictures to Win

ONE: Always take pictures.

Every holiday, celebration, vacation, renovation, project, etc. Depending on the event, you may be able to use current pictures, but more likely you will need one from the previous year.

For example, Halloween giveaways asking for your best costume. Those pictures won’t happen until the 31st, however, the Halloween giveaways start at the beginning of October. Conversely, as Christmas celebrations begin late November, early December, you have plenty of time to take pictures of your tree, cookie baking, etc.

TWO: Take pictures of photographs.

This is the easiest way to share old memories in giveaways. Throwbacks to when you were a kid. Memories of your parents, or grandparents, in a different era. Of days gone by. Alternatively, you can use your scanner and then upload your entry on your computer.

THREE: Sort your images into folders.

This is going to help you find what you need quickly and easily. If you move your pictures to folders soon after taking them, you will remember where they go. The other option is to download them to your computer once a month, or every few weeks, and then sort them accordingly.

The folders should also be labeled by type and not date. E,g, Florida Vacation, Mother’s Day, Garden, etc. and within those folders, you can add the date to the picture name. E.g. Grandma 1965, Birthday Cupcakes 2021, etc.

Do you enter photo giveaways?