As I write the third edition of my book, it is in fact, my fourth sweepstakes book.

How can that be?!

The first edition was split into two: Canadian and American. Here is why:

Originally posted on September 15, 2008.

I have been asked what is the difference between the Canadian and American Editions of my book. Well, I didn’t intend to write two books. It just worked out that way.

When I first had the idea for my book I had no idea where to start. A colleague who had written a marketing book told me, “Create the Table of Contents and keep writing.” So I did.

While I was doing research, I discovered the Annual National Sweepstakes Convention held every summer in the United States. In 2005, I contacted the committee that was running the convention, bought passes for my husband and I along with wrangling myself a speaking spot.

I was not prepared for what I found. What I found were 600 kindred spirits. For the first time in my life, I felt as if I belonged. What a great feeling! (As good as a win!) I also discovered many differences between Canadian ‘contestors’ and American ‘sweepers’, the first being the lingo. The second is; Americans must pay income tax on all their winnings. Plus all the online resources are different. From that point forward, it became obvious to me I had to write two separate editions of my book.

Being Canadian I finished the Canadian Edition first, published in March of 2006. Then I began on the American Edition. I thought I could write it in six months. I finished it in 18 months. (Adding in a six-month hiatus to run a convention. What was I thinking?!). The American Edition was published in April 2008.

Technology moves so quickly I would like to update the Canadian Edition before I begin writing my third book (working title) How To Create A Promotion From The Outside In. It will be for marketers and how they can avoid the errors we entrants see in promotions, over and over again.

I would also like to write a fourth book on LUCK.

Now I only need to clear my desk, the big pile of filing, the backlog of emails in my inbox, and catch up on my contesting…

In 2009 I decided to update the Canadian edition of You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter. I never got very far because at the same time I began a long divorce. Book writing was put on the back burner.

In 2013, I decided it was time to get back to writing. By then it had been almost 10 years since I began my sweepstakes teaching path. I understood sweepstakes from both an entrant’s perspective and a marketer’s perspective well enough and decided to combine both country centric editions into one inclusive second edition.

I even won a book publishing contest. 2014 was off to a great start. Except I was so sad during the divorce process, I couldn’t finish the book fast enough to claim the prize. It took another two years for me to finish writing How To Win Cash, Cars, Trips & More!

I changed the book title because it was:

  1. easier to distinguish the differences between books/editions,
  2. better for SEO,
  3. more fun. You Can’t Win If You don’t Enter sounds like work.

As technology moves quickly, and there have been many changes in the hobby, it was time to update the book again. Currently, I am in the midst of writing my fourth book and third edition: Prizes, Prizes, Everywhere! (I am titling it differently for similar reasons as to those listed above.) I still want to write that book for marketers plus a book on luck called: Winning Is An Inside Job. (No publication dates yet.)

If you are new to the hobby or have never read my first book, you can buy it for only 99¢ to begin winning or be reminded of key hobby strategies.

Have you read any of my books?