Originally posted on January 18th, 2015.

Pat commented on my blog post Switching Email Addresses Without Losing a Single Prize: Carolyn, my husband wants to get our phone number changed and all the contests I’ve entered would have my old phone number. Any ideas?

Changing phone numbers is always a bit trickier than forwarding email or packages as you are at the mercy of the phone company.

When I first started entering sweepstakes on a daily basis I used a service from Bell Canada called PrimeLine. (It was the predecessor to Single Number Reach.) I would forward my phone to my office, my home, or my pager (yes, I have been entering that long!). I kept it for longer than I should have as I used it for my business and was afraid to lose any clients.

When I was budgeting in 2010 and cutting out any and every expense I could, I realized it was time to fully transition to my cellphone. Luckily, I was able to keep my PrimeLine for six months before closing the number for good. This allowed me to begin entering with a new number, without fear of losing a single prize.

I am assuming by your question, your husband wants to change your home number. Many service providers do offer a forwarding service for a period of time so when a caller rings the old number, they get a message with the new number.

Also, it is rare for a contest entry form to only ask for a phone number. Most will ask for an email address first, then a home address, and lastly, a phone number. I can’t remember the last time I was notified I won by phone (or via mail for that matter). It has been by email followed by social media notification (a Facebook tag, tweet, or Instagram comment).

My advice would be to use your cellphone as your main contest number, as you always have it with you and won’t miss a winning call or message.

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