Originally posted on July 25th, 2016. Updated with new links as some resources have closed.

Contest Queen,
Can you recommend a good software program to track sweepstakes entries?

I started entering sweepstakes years ago.  Then stopped.  Now I am wanting to start again.  In the past, I used to use Sweep!,  a program that is no longer supported on the newer Windows operating system.

There are some sites (like SweepSheet) that are subscription sites that list sweepstakes that will also track your entries – only for one person, and only for the sweeps that they have listed. However, since I find sweepstakes to enter from a variety of sites, I am cautious and concerned about disqualifying myself by entering the same sweep twice or remembering to enter as frequently as needed.

Do you have any recommendations on a good software program that tracks sweepstakes entries that can be used with either an apple OS or Windows 10?

Thank you.

Hi Kate,
It’s why I don’t use a site, but RoboForm to enter. I take my chances with onetime only-ies. That said, the problem with RoboForm is, it doesn’t work well on iOS. You may have to reduce the number of places you cull your sweeps from. Have you tried Sweepstakes Plus? It also has a built-in tracker.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I do have access to computers with iOS as well as Windows 10. Having the right operating system from that perspective should not be a problem.

Have you heard anything about Sweepstakes Tracker*? I think there was a similar program as well. However, I can not find it anymore.

When I was successful (years ago) I tried to enter for myself as well as for my spouse (if allowed). I found that entering at different points during the entry window resulted in more wins  That is why having a way to track *if* either/both of us entered as well as when is important to me.

I appreciate your advice.

*Sweepstakes Tracker has closed. I now recommend SweepImp.

Hi Kate,
I have not used Sweepstakes Tracker, but many love it. Why not try it? I think it’s always a good investment to buy what you need for your hobby.

What I did when saving contests in RoboForm was, to use initials to track my ex’s entries and mine. You may want to do try that too.

How do you track your entries?

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