Originally posted on June 24, 2014.

Stories about luck are timeless.

How to (Truly) Improve Your Luck

I will only be blogging a synopsis of the lucky articles online today as:

  1. Mental Floss doesn’t put all their main articles online (because then what incentive would you have to purchase their publication?),
  2. and I don’t have the right to reprint any of the articles in full.

Featured in the June issue are:

The Luckiest Find in History

Meet the World’s Unluckiest People

How to Have a Lucky Baby

8 Insanely Lucky Flea Market Finds

How to Go Viral
It’s not luck when a cat video spreads like wildfire-it’s science!

How to Get Discovered
Don’t quit your day job-it may lead to your big break! (or not)

Beat the Odds at the Casino

How to (Truly) Improve Your Luck

In his article Oliver Burkeman discusses:

  • why are interested in luck (if we can influence random events we gain the illusion of control)
  • tells us we can’t influence games of chance (well, we all know that),
  • that just daydreaming about luck, prizes, romance or a job aren’t enough (yes, you actually have to get off your butt and take action towards your goals–You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter!),
  • points from Dr. Richard Wiseman’s book The Luck Factor (PDF excerpt),
  • and how to make space in your life to allow luck in.

Uncertainty feels uncomfortable, so we’re tempted to do whatever we can to get rid of it. But learning to tolerate it instead will bring you better luck.